Two tips for getting your property exterior professionally cleaned

13 March 2019
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If your property exterior is quite dirty and you have decided to have it professionally cleaned, you may find the following tips to be helpful. Remove all decorative items from the area In order to remove the dirt from your home's exterior walls, patio and driveway, the cleaners will probably need to use a pressure washer. If the cleaning company has told you that their employees will be using this equipment, you should remove all of the decorative items from the areas that where the pressure washer will be used, before the cleaners arrive. Read More 

Busting Prevailing Myths Surrounding DIY Carpet Cleaning

23 October 2018
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Most, if not all, homeowners that own carpets will try to keep them clean on their own. Thus, as long as they do not develop any major stains, they assume that minor discolourations and stubborn dirt can be eliminated with homemade solutions. In truth, carpet cleaning is not just about mixing concoctions and rubbing them on your carpet. And the myths that surround DIY carpet cleaning can not only cause permanent damage to the carpet fibres but could also prove toxic to you and your family members. Read More 

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Filling Your Skip Bin

8 June 2018
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Are you new to rubbish removal services? As a novice, you can make a few mistakes when hiring and even using your skip bin that may result in extra costs and even fines or penalties being applied. One common area where you are likely to make the most mistakes is filling the skip bin. There are strict laws and regulations concerning how skip bins should be filled, and it's imperative to fill yours the right way. Read More 

Cleaner than Clean: 3 Professional Cleaning Services Your Commercial Boat Needs

5 March 2018
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Keeping a commercial boat clean is no easy task. They're barnacle-prone dust magnets, and it only seems to take them a day to go from spotless to spoiled — which doesn't look too professional. However, even if your boat looks sparkling new on the surface, there may be areas that you can't access. Keeping these areas clean will help the long-term lifespan of the boat, and its performance for your business. Read More 

Choosing the Best Option for Carpet Cleaning

19 August 2016
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When it's time to get your carpets cleaned, you may have more options for this service than you realize. Your carpet cleaning professional may explain these options to you, but it's good to get a basic understanding of them before you even make that call. This will ensure that you choose the right option for your carpet and don't overspend on a service you don't need, and don't choose a cheap service that doesn't actually work for the carpets and level of dirt in your home. Read More