How to Properly Clean and Maintain Upholstery Furniture

17 February 2016
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If your upholstery furniture has been looking faded, stained, or discolured, it is time for it to be cleaned. Regular maintenance of your furniture allows it to last longer without needing to replace it or have the upholstery re-done. Here are some easy tips for cleaning and maintaining the upholstery furniture.

Soak Up the Stains

The first thing you can do is soak up stains as they occur. If any stains on the upholstery furniture still feel wet, you have a great opportunity at soaking up the moisture and reducing the stain that remains on the material. You want to use something dry and absorbent that will soak up that extra moisture before doing anything. Remember to only bloat liquids and spills. Never try to rub them or dab them, as this causes them to spread and soak deeper into the fabric. Use a dry cloth that you can blot lightly and pick up some of the liquids. If it is a big food spill, use a spoon to scoop it up before blotting so you don't risk rubbing it into the material.

Vacuum Up Loose Debris

Another important step to cleaning your upholstery furniture is to keep it free of dirt and debris. Whether you have crumbs on the sofa or dander and hair from your pets, vacuuming it regularly helps to reduce debris and keep it well maintained on a routine basis. Your vacuum cleaner should have an attachment that allows you to easily clean off the surface of the sofa. Make sure you get the front and back of the sofa, as well as the arms and cushions. Remove the cushions to vacuum underneath them as well.

Wash the Cushion Covers

If you're lucky, the covers on your couch cushions can be removed. This allows you to wash them thoroughly, which gives you clean cushions on a regular basis. Since many of your stains likely occur on the cushions themselves, this can give you an upholstery chair or sofa that is in good condition for a longer period of time. Remember to wash the cushion covers every few weeks, or around the same time you are washing the window treatments in your home. Follow the care instructions on the label so ensure you don't shrink them or wash them in the wrong cycle. In most cases, they will need to be washed in cold water. Make sure you don't use bleach on the cushion overs unless you have a white sofa. Even then, it is not recommended, as they might end up whiter than the rest of the sofa.

For more tips, contact a company that specializes in cleaning services