Ensuring Proper Asbestos Waste Disposal: What an Asbestos Contractor Will Do for You

29 February 2016
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All household asbestos waste must be properly removed. Aside from ensuring that, it also has to be disposed of safely. Because asbestos is an extremely hazardous substance when inhaled, DIY disposal is not encouraged. For that reason, you should always ask the professionals do the job for you, as they have the expertise required to handle and transport asbestos waste safely.

Asbestos waste is also regulated waste. This means that the set legal requirements must be met when disposing of the waste. Here are some of the things that a professional asbestos contractor can do to help you meet those requirements:


Asbestos contractors will give you advice on how the asbestos waste has to be packaged for haulage and disposal. They will point out to you that because asbestos waste is hazardous, it must not be mixed with other waste materials. They can provide you with plastic bags, separate skip bins and containers for the asbestos waste. The packaged waste will be carefully loaded onto the transport vehicle to ensure that plastic bags do not get ripped and skip bin lids do not fling open. With all the waste securely packaged, it will be a lot easier and time-saving to discard the waste, as there is no need for sorting at the selected landfill.

Scheduling disposal

You may load asbestos waste onto your van and drive to a landfill nearby only to be turned away. There are a couple of reasons why this may happen. Firstly, as a do-it-yourselfer, you may not be aware that the landfill does not accept such waste, forcing you to try the next landfill. Or perhaps, you may have failed to schedule your disposal well in advance, as is required by the local council. These are all inconveniences that you can avoid by letting an asbestos company handle and schedule the disposal for you. They will know exactly where to take your waste, and they will also be sure to let the landfill operators know of their arrival. Thus, no surprise turndowns for you!

Avoiding fines

Because you may not have the right equipment and techniques to dispose of asbestos-containing materials correctly and safely, you may end up causing pollution in areas where asbestos fibers and dust have been released into the environment in an unsatisfactory manner. Consequently, you may be served with a clean-up notice, which will not only require you to pay for the total cost of the clean-up exercise but also foot the bill for associated fines imposed due to violation of the law. Seeking the assistance of asbestos disposal services will ensure that the entire process is smooth, safe and efficient, saving you unnecessary non-compliance costs.