Choosing the Best Option for Carpet Cleaning

19 August 2016
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When it's time to get your carpets cleaned, you may have more options for this service than you realize. Your carpet cleaning professional may explain these options to you, but it's good to get a basic understanding of them before you even make that call. This will ensure that you choose the right option for your carpet and don't overspend on a service you don't need, and don't choose a cheap service that doesn't actually work for the carpets and level of dirt in your home. Note a few of your options here.


This is your basic carpet cleaning service; shampoos made for carpet fibers are mixed with water and brushed over your carpeting, and then the solution is vacuumed until the carpet is dried. While shampooing can get up most surface dirt and return your carpet to a fresh appearance, it may not work on very deep, ground-in dirt. The shampoo can also be irritating to those with sensitivities and the carpeting can take some time to dry.

Absorbent cleaners

This process is like dry cleaning clothes; a chemical solution is brushed onto the carpeting with stiff brushes and then allowed to sit so that it attracts dirt. It is then vacuumed away until removed. This can keep your carpets drier through the process and may also be a good choice for dirtier carpets where shampooing is not sufficient.

Carbonated cleaning

Carbonated cleaning uses a solution that is similar to both shampoo and the absorbent cleaners mentioned above, with a carbonated solution added. This allows for a foaming or bubbling action that pulls more dirt away from the carpeting. This is often good for high or thick fibers and ground-in dirt that may otherwise be missed with standard brushes and cleaning tools. The carbonation does include some water so the carpeting may still be somewhat wet when vacuumed, but it may result in a more thorough clean than standard shampooing.

Water extraction

A water extraction uses no shampoos or chemicals but involves a hot steam that is applied on the carpet so that dirt is then loosened and lifted. This type of method may not work so well for very dirty carpets but for a simple, general cleaning, it means no shampoos or chemicals. The water can also help restore matted fibers on a carpet that make it look old and which show traffic areas. Depending on the extraction method, the carpeting can remain somewhat wet after the job is completed.