3 Mistakes to Avoid When Filling Your Skip Bin

8 June 2018
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Are you new to rubbish removal services? As a novice, you can make a few mistakes when hiring and even using your skip bin that may result in extra costs and even fines or penalties being applied. One common area where you are likely to make the most mistakes is filling the skip bin. There are strict laws and regulations concerning how skip bins should be filled, and it's imperative to fill yours the right way. With that in mind, here are some of the things you should be keen to avoid when filling your skip bin. 

Overfilling the Skip Bin

If you are keen enough, you will notice that your skip bin has a line on the inside near the top. The purpose of the lining or marking is to show you the maximum level to which your rubbish should reach. This is usually done to prevent the rubbish and all kinds of waste inside the skip from littering the streets when it's being transported. An overfilled skip bin won't be collected, and you may be fined for it. The excess will also have to be removed, which means you may need to hire another skip bin and that will be a waste of your money because a lot of space will be unused. Therefore, to avoid problems with overfilling your skip bin, always choose the correct size. To do this the right way, estimate the amount of rubbish you have then choose a skip bin that's slightly larger than what you think you will need. 

Filling the Skip Bin with The Wrong Type of Waste

For effective waste management, there's a skip bin designed for each type of waste. Do you want to dispose of general household waste? Hire a skip bin for household waste. If it's garden waste, hire one designed for garden waste. Putting your waste in the wrong type of skip bin is an invitation to paying fines and your skip bin not being collected, resulting in delays and extra costs. Therefore, always sort out your waste first and explain to the skip bin company the type(s) of waste you intend to get rid of so that the right skip bin is delivered. 

Filling the Skip Bin with Unwanted Materials

Skip bins may be designed for different types of rubbish, but that doesn't mean everything goes inside a skip. Some materials such as medical waste, batteries, gas bottles, etc.  are considered hazardous or dangerous and cannot be collected. Therefore, be clear about the types of rubbish you want to dispose of when hiring a skip bin so that in case you have unwanted materials, you can be advised on what to do.