Important Questions to Ask Any Potential Waste Disposal Company

23 February 2016
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Waste disposal is a very important part of owning or managing an apartment complex, production facility, grocery store, and the like. Hiring the right company will ensure you don't face fines from your city for overflowing dumpsters and also ensure your outside area is neat and clean at all times. Before you hire any potential waste disposal company, note a few questions to ask them first.

1. Always ask if there are types of waste they won't remove

Even if your dumpster is outside a restaurant or grocery store, note that a waste disposal company might not take liquid cooking oils, grease from your grease traps, and the like. For an apartment complex, a disposal company may not take mattresses, old tires, furniture, and other such pieces. Medical waste, chemicals, and other such materials often need special handling. Rather than assume that anything and everything put in a bin is going to be picked up, ask if there are any types of waste or trash they won't remove.

2. Note if they recycle

You might be able to get separate bins from your disposal company and use these for recycling. For example, you might have your apartment complex residents separate their newspapers and plastics, or if you run a restaurant or supermarket, consider if a disposal company will take foodstuffs and recycle these into usable compost. If you're at all concerned about the environment, ask about recycling processes and how this can work with your disposal company.

If a company does recycle items, you might also ask if you get a price break or other consideration for the items they pick up. If the disposal company gets paid by a recycling facility for bringing in scrap glass, plastic, and the like, they might offer you an incentive for separating these items for them.

3. Ask if they ever clean out or replace the dumpsters and bins

Typically a disposal company will just empty your dumpsters and bins, but even with regular emptying, they may still have sludge and other contaminants that build up on the bottom and along the walls. You may want them cleaned out or replaced on a regular basis so that your dumpsters don't smell or attract animals. Ask a potential waste disposal company how often they clean out the bins or dumpsters or how often you can have them replaced with something new so that they are clean inside and out and your property always looks its best.