Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning the Premises of Your Small Business

23 February 2016
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Many startups may find it hard to employ specialised personnel to handle the different tasks performed in the business. Consequently, employees may be called upon to perform roles outside their main skill set. For example, different employees may be called upon to clean the business premises. Such employees may inadvertently make mistakes due to their limited knowledge about cleaning procedures and materials. This article discusses some mistakes that you should avoid making as you clean your small business premises.

Being Hasty

This mistake is very common because workers may want to get the cleaning job done so that they can get back to their core jobs. This mistake can affect the quality of the cleaning performed. For example, the employee may not give the disinfectants and other cleaning chemicals enough time to be effective. Emphasise the importance of reading instructions on packages so that appropriate time is given for disinfectants to do their work before they are rinsed off surfaces.

Using Cleaning Tools in Different Areas

Avoid making the mistake of using one cleaning tool when cleaning different areas of the premises of your small business. For example, avoid using a mop to clean the kitchen area after using it to clean a hallway. Such a mistake can cause cross-contamination. This is because germs from one area may be carried to another area. If you cannot afford to have different cleaning tools for different areas, disinfect the tool after using it in one area. Follow the instructions provided so that you disinfect the tools effectively.

Not Following the Right Procedure

Commercial cleaning companies usually have a cleaning procedure that their staff follows in order to ensure that the places where they have worked are indeed clean. Your staff may not have undergone such training, so they may pick cleaning steps randomly. For example, they may dust the furniture before vacuuming the floor. The process of vacuuming the carpets may cause dust to collect on the surfaces that were dusted a while ago. It is therefore very important for you to develop cleaning guidelines that stipulate the procedure that your employees should follow so that contamination and dirt are kept at bay.

As you can see, there are risks inherent in relying on non-professionals to clean the premises of your small business. You should therefore talk to a commercial cleaning company so that you get guidance on how to keep the premises clean and safe for all who use them. When finances permit, hire commercial cleaners so that you stick to your core duties of offering goods and services to your clients.