Cleaner than Clean: 3 Professional Cleaning Services Your Commercial Boat Needs

5 March 2018
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Keeping a commercial boat clean is no easy task. They're barnacle-prone dust magnets, and it only seems to take them a day to go from spotless to spoiled — which doesn't look too professional. However, even if your boat looks sparkling new on the surface, there may be areas that you can't access. Keeping these areas clean will help the long-term lifespan of the boat, and its performance for your business. Equally, because your boat spends so much time in a high-bacteria environment, it may need additional protections. Here are three specific examples to consider.

Vent Cleaning

Your boat's ventilation system performs a vital but thankless task. You may not really think about it while your boat is in operation — but you'd surely notice if it stopped working. Vent systems do become clogged with dust and debris over time, reducing their performance and efficacy. They can even pose a fire hazard if they're clogged enough. As such, you should have the vents cleaned once a year or so.

Pre-Paint Pressure Washing

If you're repainting your boat, you can't just paint over the surface; you'll need to remove the top coat of paint first. The chlorides and salts in marine-safe paints can cause or catalyse corrosion of the new layer if they remain beneath it. As such, removing them just before a new layer of paint is applied is a wise idea, and a pressure washer or hydro blaster is a highly effective way of doing this.

Hydraulic Oil Flushing

If your boat engine operates using hydraulic oil, it will occasionally need flushing. Just changing the oil over won't do the trick; traces of the dirty oil will remain in the system and contaminate the new oil. This defeats the purpose. Once a year or so, have a professional come out to flush the system instead, and not only will your system return to full functionality, but you won't need to fork out for expensive new oil; the old oil can simply be cleaned and recycled.

Whatever your boat is used for, it serves a major purpose in your business — but its very nature can make it difficult to maintain. As such, don't waste time trying to do it yourself; book professional contractors to perform these cleaning tasks for you. This not only ensures that it's done correctly and quickly, but it also frees up your time to focus on what your business is really about.

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