Busting Prevailing Myths Surrounding DIY Carpet Cleaning

23 October 2018
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Most, if not all, homeowners that own carpets will try to keep them clean on their own. Thus, as long as they do not develop any major stains, they assume that minor discolourations and stubborn dirt can be eliminated with homemade solutions. In truth, carpet cleaning is not just about mixing concoctions and rubbing them on your carpet. And the myths that surround DIY carpet cleaning can not only cause permanent damage to the carpet fibres but could also prove toxic to you and your family members. This piece uncovers prevailing myths surrounding DIY carpet cleaning so you can avoid unnecessary risks by electing to hire professional carpet cleaning services.

Vinegar can be used for minor carpet stains

Vinegar in itself may seem innocuous enough to be applied directly on carpets. Nonetheless, there are several things you should know about DIY cleaning solutions. Firstly, when compared to a host of other cleaning agents, vinegar is one of the least efficient for stain removal. Secondly, mixing vinegar with baking soda to form a paste will only lead to residue collecting on your carpet fibres that will be extremely difficult to eliminate. Not to mention that the right proportions of vinegar and baking soda can cause the creation of peracetic acid, which is irritating to the skin. Rather than trying to employ vinegar to eliminate smells and stains from your carpet, you should opt for professional carpet cleaning.

Water and carpet shampoo is the best cleaning method

If you are concerned about damaging your carpet by utilising harsh chemical agents, you may be convinced that the best way to clean your carpet is through water and carpet shampoo. While this technique will help in stain removal, you should note that it is the drying process that will put your carpet at risk. If the carpet is massive and you do not have a way of completely air-drying it, there is a high chance of mould breeding inside the carpet. And since the mould will be at the base of the carpet, it can be hard to tell that the carpet has become infested. Hence, you introduce the mould spores into your home. Large carpets should always be cleaned professionally, so any moisture present is extracted before the carpet is re-introduced indoors.

Ammonia is best for stubborn carpet stains

Ammonia is a potent chemical agent. However, the high alkaline content of the ammonia is precisely what makes it bad for both your carpet and your home. Excessive exposure to ammonia will cause irreparable damage to your carpet fibres. Moreover, if the toxic fumes of the ammonia are inhaled, they pose the threat of respiratory harm. Therefore, professional carpet cleaners should handle all tough carpet stains.